Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Braces- Buy the whole set!

So here's an update on visit #2--

I walk in and the first person I see is Dr. Hotness!! Whew.. I don't know if its because I cleaned my glasses or he was just well rested but homeboy looked good. You know how doctors wear a suit but the tie isn't tied and they look all professional but casual?? LOL yeah. I know I'm practically married but a girl can look right?? Anyways I found out he's married with a 2yr old little girl.. whomp.

So when I walk in I smile and I look at him and ask "so you ready to torture me doctor?" (I know I'm an ass) He replies.. "I'll be really gentle, I promise".. yeahhhh.. hahahahaha

Okay so I get in the chair and at first I really annoyed because I get a different girl working on me and I really like the last one.. I like to stick with the same people for everything. Hair, nails, obgyn, general doctor, boyfriend.. lol.. everything. I didn't want to offend her though so I just let it be. Big mistake.. she was sooo rough on me. I had to move that tube thingy that sucks ur spit out because she jammed into the side of my mouth and it was hurting me. I think Dr. Hottie saw me squirming because he eventually came over and said "I got it".. I immediately calm down once he starts working. He jokes with me. Ms. Rough Hands just sits there. Its all good.

They put these molar bands around my back teeth which is why I had the "spacers".. the spacers make room for them to put the bands. It all makes sense now. yay. lol. Then he put the brackets on the rest then the wire and ligs (rubber rings). I got white ligs this time because apparently they don't stain as fast. we shall see. The stupid receptionist is drinking coffee. I'm so jealous. ugh. My bite feels really really weird. Like I'm not biting down all the way.. its awkward.

I need to learn how to eat alll over again.. not that I was doing really well before. If you remember, I almost killed myself with a cracker. So I came home and ate and I bit my cheek twice.. it hurts. I get pissed. I give up. I realize I really have to be careful and figure out what I'm doing wrong.. or maybe I need to slow down and stop shoveling food in. That might work as well.

I look in the mirror to clean things up and I notice that on my top wire, there are these little 3 stripes.. like 3 markings. Its weird. I hate it. It begins to annoy me. So I call up the doctor and I tell him, he says come in and he will look at it. I'm going to make them change the wire, I don't care what the marks are but they look weird. Its bad enough I gotta adjust to the braces, now they got stripes. No. That won't work. So back I go to torture them this time. I'm also going to specifically request that they not let that chick with the hulk hogan hands lay a finger on me.

Lets see.. I think thats it for now. I'll let you know if they give me a hard time about changing the wire. (they better not). Here's some pics of the braces with white ligs and the molar bands- the green stuff around the molar bands is the "cement" they use to bond it to your teeth. I also tried to take a pic of my striped wire ugh.. Enjoy.

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