Monday, September 21, 2009

Feedback on adult braces

I just want to quickly address a few responses I've gotten to my braces.

Response #1- "You're 26, you've had the gap your whole life, why now?"
Response #2- "You look fine why are doing this?"
Response #3- "You should be comfortable with the gap by now."

I'll address all three of these because they all annoyed me for different reasons.

First, I'm 26 not 76. Yeah I'm not 15 yrs old but since when are people not allowed to get braces after 21 yrs old? Is there a law that says once you're legally of age to drink you're banned from braces as well? Yes indeed I have had this gap my entire life and I've loved it dearly. I've always cherished my smile and felt it fit my character perfectly. That being said I still don't appreciate the assumption that I'm "too old" to do anything. It almost had the same condescending tone that an older lady would use on a 17 year old mom."you're too young to have a baby!" she'd say pointing her crinkly finger.. Listen, people do many things at ages that society deems inappropriate - from having sex to drinkin liquor -but I don't think getting braces falls into that category. Lets get real.

Second, I know I look fine. The comment "you look fine" assumes that I don't think I look fine. Wrong again bitches. I know look fine duhhh.. Anyone that knows me knows how narcissistic I am lol. I'm the epitomy of self-love and conceit. And rightly so, I'm fly. You know it and I know it. lollll.. Ok maybe that's not always a good thing, but its who I've always been.

Lastly, I was always comfortable with the gap, which is why I've always had a big ass smile on my face.. and that is definitely not the reason why its being closed.

Let me explain. The real reason I'm closing it is because I know what the gap will become. I've inherited this trait from my mother. My mother is now 51 years old. She, like me, enjoyed her beautiful smile through her teens, twenties and even early thirties. She was absolutely stunning! (Thats where I get it from lol) But as she got older, the gap got wider... and wider... and WIDER. Now it looks.. how do I say.. not that great. lol. Don't get me wrong, she's still very pretty but its just not flattering like it used to be. Inevitably, this will be me. Genetics are funny like that. And while I could wait until I'm forty to get braces (wonder what people would say then!) instead I am going to avoid the whole widening process and I've decided prevention is the best solution.

Finally, I say to all the people who have served up these ridiculous responses, think about what you're saying before making comments like that to anyone. Because like all things in life, there's always more to a story than what meets the eye. My daddy always said.. When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me... then again in this case the only asses are you.. not me. haha.. I shall return soon with more stories of toothaches, until then... Enjoy.


  1. omg... i def asked you that first question... lmaooooo :-X oops!!!

  2. BUTTTT i have to say... for my own argument sake... i didnt ask u that in the way that you explained. I was askin more in a "why now as opposed to when you were 15 maybe"... i kno mad ppl that get braces at our age, no time limit on anything really... i was jus curious as to why YOU were doing it now after so long... thas all :) def love ur explanation for all the questions tho LOL...

  3. I actually forgot you asked me that LOLLLL.. so many other people said it but with like a negative tone but I'm sure you didn't.. So there ya go.

  4. i really enjoyed reading this post. i just got my braces 5 days ago and i have been having a really difficult time dealing with all of the questions. why are people so concerned with things that have NOTHING to do with them?! thanks for writing this! i needed it :-)

  5. I must say, I thought this was a pretty interesting read when it comes to this topic. Liked the material. . . . .