Saturday, September 19, 2009

Braces - Day 1

Okay so day one was nerve racking. I sat there at the dentist thinking "I can't believe I'm going to do this!" I saw a bunch of little kids running around all braced out so I was pretty sure I could deal... I'm 26 right? Well I went in there and they had these young women ready to put on my "brackets". She looked about my age which made me comfortable because she was cool and she started explaining what she'd do next. I also felt really uncomfortable because she was my age and she was really cool. haha. The stupid dentist was walking around "supervising".

Lets talk about my Orthodontist Dr. A for a second. First, he's very hot. The first time I met him, I was slightly distracted by his hotness and I may have even been more swayed to get braces because the thought of looking at this man every six weeks seemed kinda worth it. Then I started talking to him. He's really socially awkward and I'm not sure how he became a doctor. Don't they teach doctors how to speak to patients? He's not reassuring at all, he doesn't explain things clearly, he has no personality and the only time I'm not annoyed is when he's not speaking. That said, he's still veryyyy hot. I also ripped him a new asshole for not telling me about these "spacers" they were going to put in between the back of my teeth. I like how they always leave out the shitty parts of the whole braces process. His response to my cursing him out: he stared at the ground and says "I'm sorry, don't hate me". WTF kinda doctor is that? Jeez. Punkass. I have a feeling me and him are gonna have it out over the next 12-16 months.. oh yeah and he originally told me it would take 18 months so who knows. . (I secretly like abusing him.. is that sick?)

Anyway back to the braces .. She cleans my teeth then puts on glue and sticks the brackets on. The all mighty Dr. A comes over to make sure they're centered and perfect then the lovely lady dries the glue and sticks the wires in and tightennnss the crap out of my six front teeth. Its not over yet though. She asks the doc if I need "spacers" or "seperators" and he says yes and walks out of the room. I stop her and yell for him to "get back in here" and proceed to put dude through the ringer. The two assistants giggle. Next she sticks these metal things in between my back teeth and it feels like i have food stuck in between my teeth. She tells me I can't take them out for two weeks. Its awful. I walk out and Dr. A tries to smile at me. I roll my eyes but smile when I turn my back. Back to the bronx I go.. I was starvinggg! I tried to eat rice and beans my boyfriend bought from the Spanish spot.. It was hard to chew but I basically swallowed it down. Off to bed. Still no pain just alot of weird pressure..

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  1. Damn why you givin the doc a hard time?..only you lol And I hated that pressure feeling..but that's how you know they're woooorrking!! yay!!!