Friday, April 30, 2010

Six Month Stretch

Okay so I'm a slacker. But hey, you knew this. I'm back to give an update on the bracery. I've made a lot of progress. The gap is now CLOSED! hehe. I'm half way through. I may be able to finish a little early actually since my progress is going so well. Even the doc said he was impressed at how fast things have been coming along. Sorry I didn't keep you well informed but nothing really happened. I've gotten them tightened about every 6 weeks and they put these thing called "e-chains" on that literally look like chains (you can see them on my top 6 teeth) to pull all the front teeth together. They hurt like hell. Anyhoo. thought you'd like to check out my new smile. The next step is getting my bottom teeth pulled in so they fit under my top teeth. Since they pulled the gap closed i've gotten an tiny underbite. Plus they need to make it so the bottom row and top row are centered. So now they have to use rubberbands and stuff to pull the bottom row back and center it. Its such a tedious process but well worth the mucho deniro I invested into it! Enjoy!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

So I'm 4 months in.. and it still sucks. Although I have gotten used to eating so thats no longer an issue. The gap starting closing really in the last month. Initially it was all about getting my top and bottom arches straight. So its straighten out then tighten up.. makes sense. They put these awful powerchain thingies on to close it up.. Its alott of pressure but I kind of like to feel things working. My front teeth are pretty shaky though.. I can feel them jigglin around in there lol. Here's some pics.. Sorry i look a little nutty but both were taken with my camera phone on a whim.. heehee. Enjoy.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pic Update

Bottom pic is what teeth look like now!