Saturday, September 19, 2009

Braces - Day 3

So today I woke up and my mouth felt like it was on fire. Its weird because when I'm asleep I feel nothing but as soon as I sit up. BOOM!! haha. I rinsed with salt water to soothe my gums. It helped a little bit... I popped a few pills and had some oatmeal for breakfast. These spacers in my back teeth are the devil. I feel like I have little trolls sitting in between my back teeth pushing them apart. Damn you spacer trolls!

I also ate Ramen noodles today. I haven't had that in forever and it brought back some college memories. Chillin in the dorm.. too lazy to go out or too broke to buy food.. Ramen always saved the day.

Oh some people have asked what type of braces I have. They are called Radiance braces. Apparently they don't stain because they're made from a "crystal" like substance. Sounds magical right? Yeah. lol. So if you drink coffee the brackets won't stain. Here's the catch though. There are these small tiny rubber rings called ligatures that they put around each bracket to hold it in place. Those are also clear but they stain. So you could potentially end up with a yellowish ring around each bracket... not sexy. But the good thing is they do change the ligs everytime you go in for a tightening. I love coffee so I plan to binge on coffee right before each tightening.

I also had people ask why I didn't get Invisilign. For Invisilgn you really need to wear the trays all the time. You are supposed to wear them 20- 22 hours a day. So basically you got 2-4 hours a day to take those babies out so you can eat. I also heard if you don't clean the trays correctly they smell. eek. I think if you are really diligent then you should think about Invisilign because the treatment time is the same as braces and they are very descreet. Buttt if you are a slacker like me then the treatment could take forever. One other thing I heard about Invisilign is that it isn't that good at moving the roots of your teeth. So if you have a fairly significant gap like me, the bottoms of the teeth would move in first which will look pretty damn funny. So in the end I chose the regular braces but I couldn't do metal.. that would have been too traumatizing. lol

Others have asked, emotionally, how I feel about my braces. Honestly I felt self conscious the first day and I didn't really want to smile. But I got over that pretty fast. Three dudes have already said my braces are "cute". I don't know about all that, they may have been pedophiles. But I do think they're not as bad as they feel. They feel enormous but they really aren't. And if you think about it, you look the same.. its not cosmetic surgery, just braces. Everyday I feel little better about the way they look.

Here's a few pics taken by the ortho. They take pics in the office and load them to a personalize website they give to you so you can track progress. Pretty neat. Next Update will be when I come back from getting the rest of the braces on my back teeth on Oct 1st. See ya.

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