Friday, October 2, 2009

3 Stripes and you're out!!

Hey peeps.

So went back to the dentist yesterday to complain about my striped wire. Apparently the stripes are there to help them "center" the wire. Nice. You would think whoever invented the wire would think of a better way to do that. So I went in there and Dr. Mclovin says "you just love it here don't you?" I was just smiled and said "yup". So I lay back on the seat and start talking to him about how I bit my cheek and that I was really frustrated while trying to eat. He sat there and listened, nodding and saying "uh huh".. At this point it felt more like therapy session. So he tried to convince me only I could see it when looking really close and it was really subtle. My response- "Dr. A, you're messing with my image as a superstar." He burst out laughing. So for the first time he actually looks like he has a personality. Nice. lol.

So he says he has a wire with only one stripe (yay!) BUT.. its a stronger wire so it will be a little tighter on my teeth. Why is beauty so painful?!?! Ugh.. Oh well, I took the new wire. Oh and the Heavy Hand Champion wasn't there so the girl that I really like put in the new wire. I asked her name so I could request her next time. She's really gentle. So when I'm done, she calls the doc to look at it.. and he comes really close to my face to look at the wire... like realllyyy close.. did I mention he's hot? lol

Today my teeth are hurting thanks to the tighter wire, I guess that's what I get for being so vain. Back to the advil and ramen noodles for now. Be back soon. Enjoy.

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