Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick One

Man I really been slackin huh?

Well there isn't much to say except that I've gotten pretty used to being a brace face. The eating situation is better and I've mastered the art of getting pieces of food out of the braces fairly quickly without looking like a crazy person.

I did make a mistake today though. I've been pretty careful so far about the things I eat because I live in fear of staining the bands around the braces. So I've stayed away from hot chocolate, dark tea, basically anything that will stain them. Today I had mustard. Ugh.. I realized it as soon as i took a bite. Mustard alwayss stains. But I was hungry and in the sandwich went. I should have gotten mayo but being that I was trying to be "healthy", I got mustard instead. I brushed right away but it was useless.. there it was.. a tinge of yellow green. Barely noticeable but still. It annoyed me. I'm going to try and brush with baking soda and peroxide tonight. That's what I was told would work. We'll see.. I'll let you know. I'm tired of brushing my damn teeth. Every minute. Brush brush brush, floss floss floss.. I have the best dental hygiene i've ever had in my life. Jeez.

Thank goodness I'm going back to the dentist in a week and a half and I'll have brand new ligs! But I'm not looking forward to the pain of tightening these babies. I'll be back on that crappy soft food and advil diet.

I see some progress. I'll try to stop being a lazy ass and post pics.

See ya!

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