Friday, November 20, 2009

ok fine.. I'm updating

After being cursed out by several people. I'm back.

Here's some pics of the teeth. Not a huge change yet. No I don't have any pics of the hot doc.. sorry. But I do have a quick story!

Ok so I went last week to tighten my braces.

I walk in, say hi to the regular peeps. Receptionist, xray dude, the lady that collects the checks (i owe her money so I swiftly pass her lol)... Then I see him.. heeheee... But of course I play it cool, I start talking to x-ray dude about my progress, he thought it had been months because he said he's felt as though he's known me forever.. (he's a little "howwwuddoiinn" and i love it).

So I sit down and I hear the chick who's gonna change my wire ask Dr. Hotness what wire she should put in. So he's like I have to check for myself. (I'm like ok since when does he check anything?) I'm still chit chatting with xray guy and Dr. McHottie walks over and says "so how's that one stripe treating you?"

-- Ok flashback for those of you that don't remember: The first wire he put in had three back had 3 stripes in the middle (to center it) and I went back pissed and he changed it to a wire with one stripe--

So I think to myself, he remembers that? I musta really made a big deal out of it (or been a real bitch) cuz its four weeks later and he sees tons of patients and homie is still talking about it? haha. So I don't look his way.. I just act like i'm looking in my bag for something and I just smile and say "i'm still pissed about it so you better change it today".. He says "ok well no striped wire this week, we got something nice and shiny, no markings, and its made of steel!" yay.

Look at you trying to be all nice, I think to myself. I turn and tell x-ray guy that I need to take some updated pics for my blog and he's like "ok honeyyy! (haha) lets go do that now". As I'm getting up, the Dr. goes to sit next to me. I turn and realize he was just working on someone else's teeth and he left the poor girl there and came over to me. She was def there first so I thought that was kinda messed up and she did not look happy that he left her hanging. So I said "i'm going to do a photo shoot, be right back." He looks at me and says "but I was just about to work on you." I reply -- "um, what about her? You just can't wait huh? she's not done." He starts smiling and says "oh um.." but I cut him off andI look over at xray guy and I say with a smirk in a sing song voice-- "I think Dr. A wants to dooo meee firsttt." So x ray guy is all like "awww snapppp" and starts laughing and the doctor starts blushing like crazyyy and laughing.

Of course I think this is hilarious but the girl he left hanging looks like she wants to punch me in the face. Oops. Oh well. So I say "go finish her and I'll be right back." So I get back from takin pics and he's sitting there waiting for me. I don't know why cuz he didn't need to do a damn thing. He looked for like a second then just started talking about the treatment. He's told me all this already so I look at him and say "we went over this already".. He's like "Oh we did? Are you sure it wasn't the other doctor?" I said "um, yeah cuz you guys look exactly alike and I confuse you all the time!" This was me being sarcastic cuz the other doc is like 3 feet shorter and 30 yrs older. So he started laughing again and he told her which wire to go with and she put it in .. appointment over! We said bye then I bounced. Would you believe the poor girl he skipped was still there!!! And all she was doing was replacing a bracket. Oy. Anyways thats my story.. Hope you enjoyeddd!!!

I think things are coming along nicely but this last wire didn't hurt at all.. I don't think its doing anything... I think he's delaying out my treatment so I have more visits.. he's hot and all but we gotta get this show on the damn road. He better get it together cuz next time I get there I want stronger wires!!! I want to feel this ish working!!! Although maybe he was doing me a favor cuz I really need to be able to eat with Turkey day coming.. hmm. It should be fun giving him a hard time about it though.. haha.. I'll let u know how it goes!

See ya later folks..

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  1. I love your blog super funny. I could learn from you haha. i just got braces 4 days ago and started my own blog check it out